JoomPlace team has great news: our affiliate program is renewed!  Get your money back for the purchased component and even get a profit that you can spend on anything you want, even on another component. 

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a commission-based model of making an extra profit.  An affiliate partner places JoomPlace banner/link on his website and gets 15% commission every time a referred visitor comes to JoomPlace website to make Joomla extension purchase in our store. 

Affiliate program benefits

Affiliate program is mutually beneficial: JoomPlace gets new customers who would not have found our website without affiliate partner & an affiliate partner receives 15% commission from every referred purchase and 15% discount on all the extensions in our store

Why JoomPlace Affiliate program was closed?

Affiliate marketing is possible because of cookie technology: when a visitor clicks on JoomPlace banner or link, his browser gets special tracking cookie. When a visitor enters JoomPlace website and completes the purchase, the affiliate partner receives a reward. 
The model worked perfectly till Coupon affiliates emergence. To explain why, let’s imagine that a referred by your website visitor is about to buy a component in our store, but decides to make a quick Google search to see if there any discount coupons available. He types “JoomPlace  coupon code” and sees hundreds of pages offering him a chance to save money on his purchase. 

To find a bargain a user enters a discount coupons site and clicks a link to display a coupon. 

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In most cases the coupon doesn’t work or exist, that is why a user comes back and finishes his transaction. However, you don’t receive any commission as the user dropped his tracking cookie when clicked a link on one of the discount coupons’ websites.  As a result, all revenue goes to a coupon code website.  Because of such unfair practice, JoomPlace affiliate program was closed.

How will JoomPlace Affiliate program work now?

  • To become JoomPlace affiliate partner you have to fill in a form and after a careful research we notify you whether your application is accepted or not;
  • All coupon sites are excluded from our affiliate partners list;
  • Payments are issued on the first day of each month via PayPal;  
  • The minimum balance required for a payout is $50.00;
  • Every affiliate partner is provided with JoomPlace Banners/Text Ads/Product Ads with a referral tracking URL to JoomPlace website.

how to become joomplace affiliate

Why should you join JoomPlace Affiliate program?

JoomPlace is a reliable company with 10 years’ experience in developing Joomla! extensions. Our components are used worldwide by ecommerce, eLearning and non-profit organizations. We are constantly working on improving our components and offering qualitative support to our customers.

Join the program now and receive an extra revenue!