We reach holiday season with big releases

The new, major version of Comparison Chart was released today. Welcome Comparison Chart 2.0.2 compatible with both Joomla 1.5 and 1.7! This new version is completely rewritten and gives a long step forward in improving your site visitors browsing experience.


Comparison Chart 2.0.2 released!

To get you started quickly, we highlighted core new Comparison Chart component features.

Now you can create a list of items and display it as a catalogue. Visitors will be free to choose any combination of items to be compared. There’s a number of options for you to make it easy getting a general idea of any comparison at your Joomla! web site quickly:

  • According to settings made visitors will see the best or worst items for every parameter high-lighted.
  • Many folks appreciate possibility to hide the parameters with the same values for compared items.
  • Rating option estimates and shows the final rating for every item. Go demo and try the new version right now.



As administrator now you can either create static comparison chart to be placed at your web site or make it dynamic for web site visitors. Dynamic charts can be easily customized by site visitors. You can allow them to hide comparison rows and columns they don’t care of, submit information for empty fields or even request to add new fields.


Migration issues

We made it easy for current Comparison Chart users to update the component to the 2.0.2 version. Special migration tool is delivered to make migration a couple clicks deal.

We go on working hard to make our component better. Thank you for your help to maintain the cost of developing Joomla! components further. Thank you for your support and further help with the development costs of our Joomla! components.