Joomla! CMS is chosen by 2.8 million websites worldwide. And these aren’t just any sites choosing Joomla! CMS. For example, Harvard University, EBay, Heathrow Airport, Peugeot, Barnes and Noble, MTV Greece, etc.

And what is more spectacular, you can create similar websites on your own. And it doesn’t matter whether you are just heading towards a developer career or keep honing your skills. You will definitely find a bunch of useful resources in the list below.

Joomla Courses

As distant education gets more popular becoming a certified Joomla! Specialist is turning into a matter of a few mouse clicks. Make yourself comfortable in an armchair and study on!

Free Joomla Courses

Paid Joomla Courses

Joomla Tutorials

If you want to get your Joomla! website up and running quickly, there is a bunch of online Joomla! tutorials. Watch short videos to find answers to your questions about Joomla! functionality.

Free Joomla Tutorials

Paid Joomla Tutorials

Joomla! Books

If you think that there is nothing better than acquiring knowledge from books, then you will surely enhance your Joomla! expertise by reading the editions from the list.

Joomla! Blogs

It is a good idea to learn from people around us, especially when you can benefit from their experience and apply the gained knowledge to your own practice. Follow Joomla! blogs - valuable sources of expert’s tips, announcements, case studies and trends.

Joomla! Portals

If you are ready to share your expertise and ideas with other Joomla! Community members you might be interested in joining various Joomla! related portals.

Joomla! Forums and Q&A Sites

Have a question? Want to share code or get an advice from experienced Joomla! users? Register at popular forums and Q&A websites.

Other Useful Resources

If you want to meet like-minded people a good way to do so is by joining gatherings and conferences in your location. Plus, you can establish a bunch of valuable contacts.

We are sure you have useful resources to add to the list. Please share them in comments below.

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