This post is a part of the Success Stories Series, featuring tips on how to use JoomPlace products and services. Today we’re looking at remarkably inspiring story of our customer who created job from his idea and proved that passion is the high-order bit of your success.

Story of success started when at the age of 14 a Naples native Marco Bottone started attending the gym to set right an arm that had been broken. Since then he has never stopped working hard. Young man decided to turn his passion into profession and he believed it is possible. And it is!

First Marco became a personal trainer. But he’s also into web programming and design. Occasionally he came across some demo videos of fitness exercises lasting 2 seconds. Marco realized he could do a lot better.

YouTube Penetration

Marco started producing first movies all by himself. Lacking proper means for movies distribution he didn’t give up, and his passion was awarded – it turned that YouTube was created right for him! To begin with Marco uploaded first videos for YouTube promotion, just in two years he had made thirty of them.

In 2009 YouTube noted Bottone’s works and offered him a partnership and video promotion. At first videos had just 300-400 followers, but in a few months ten thousand people subscribed to P4P free courses at Passion4Profession YouTube Channel.

Passion4Profession YouTube Channel

Adding Online Fitness Community

Along with videos Marco was working hard on online social community building - community of people who like sports, follow healthy lifestyle and eager to share their knowledge and achievements.

Just like other extraordinary people, Marco collects great professionals and passionate people around him.

Passion4Profession Fitness Community

Marco says - In 2007 I met online Vladimir Tursin - Marketing Director/founder of Belitsoft (JoomPlace is a Joomla! department of Belitsoft). I contacted him and asked for 1 developer at a good partner price with possibility to grow should my project grow. After some conversation with me and project study Vladimir fully believed in my idea and provided me with good developer – that was great support for me at that time! Years passed, we are good friends with Vladimir now and we are both glad P4P has grown. I fulfilled my promise and increased price for developer and increased my team at JoomPlace – so that is a good example of Win-Win collaboration.

Marco Bottone

Now there are 750 thousand users enrolled on YouTube and registered on the portal. About 650 videos translated to 13 languages (including Arabic and Chinese). Average number of workouts’ visits ranges from 400 thousand to 700 thousand a day. It means 15 million monthly.

Marco adds proudly:

"My example shows that you can create job from an idea that works. Wherever you live”

The Web has this power. It’s powered by passionate professionals working together and providing awesome products to their followers. Number of P4P fans grows incredibly fast and both Marco and JoomPlace team are proud to be a part of it.