Since we released our Graffiti plugin for JomSocial many customers ran into similar issue due to the specific set of configuration necessary to be done both to default wall plugin and ours. You may find the explanation below.

Our wall worked with no issues provided two requirements were met:

  • the default JomSocial wall plugin is enabled
  • but only our graffiti wall is added to the profile page

That’s why we got a lot of requests when either the default wall was disabled on the website, or both walls were added to user’s profile page. Particularly this was comments and icons that were not loaded and shown on the wall.

And that is why we decided to completely redo the graffiti plugin so now it doesn’t work along with the default JomSocial wall plugin but replaced it and extends the default wall’s functionality. But don’t worry you won’t experience any data loss because of that. If you’re already using our old version of graffiti wall just remove it and leave the default wall plugin, then install our new version of graffiti wall (which you can download in the Members Area).