Many of you have been requesting for Flash Magazine Deluxe Joomla! 2.5 compatible version. Today it’s finally here!

Together with the last Joomla! version compatibility we implemented auto-resize options and took care of usability improvements.

Auto-resizable flipping books

Very often you visit web site with web design made for a 1280 pixel wide screen and it really annoys to resize your browser window. Can you imagine how your visitors are annoyed with fixed sized flipping magazines on your web site? Don’t hassle your visitors forcing them to resize anymore!

We are excited to let you know that now Flash Magazine Deluxe features has 2 new options allowing you to make your flipping book/ magazine super flexible to your visitors’ browsing environment. You can choose how to display your magazine pages in full screen and zoom modes:

  • For Full Screen mode 2 variants are available. Pages can either be displayed at original size or fit to screen;
  • 1 more variant available for Zoom mode. You can choose if you would like pages to be displayed at original size, always fit to screen or fit them to screen if it is larger only.

Auto-resize options for flipping books

We are confident these new options will help Joomla! website owners optimize flipping pages for site visitors and reach your success. It inspires JoomPlace team to be a part of our customers success stories. Share your success stories with us!

The team goes on improving Flash Magazine Deluxe usability and performance making the component more user-friendly. A number of improvements are implemented for this release. Check the component changelogs for more details.