New release of HTML5 Flipping Book is finally here. Cross-platform, adaptive, more functional - it’s all about 2.1.0. 

New version of HTML5 Flipping Book has acquired responsive design, allowing it to perfectly fit in with your general site template. We’ve removed in-built mobile reader, at the same time developed mobile compatibility, for more comfortable and user friendly experience - enjoy the same view across all platforms! You can read publications on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Whether you use Windows, iOS or Android - it doesn’t matter, because your books will look engaging either way. 

Another new feature is landscape page layout. No cutting is necessary - place wide images on the book spread.

landscape pages Landscape layout can be enabled in Templates settings.

We added grid layout for category view. Now you can set a list of your publications to be divided in 2, 3, 4 or 6 columns.

grid layout It can be set when you add a menu item HTML5 Flipping Book > Category.

Among numerous general optimizations, bug fixes and minor improvements, there are a couple of nice additions:

  • ‘Back to first page’ button
  • Joomla Smart Search plugin
  • Short and full description with ‘Readmore’

From now on, HTML5 Flipping Book is using Joomla Updater to check if a new version is available.

Download the update now or renew your subscription: