Often our clients report a problem that they cannot embed videos into Joomla! Quiz Deluxe questions. If you have ran into the same issue, here is an article that will help in resolving it.

There are 2 ways of inserting videos into quiz questions:

  • As an iframe
  • Using content plugins

Let's take a closer look at the problem.

Embedding videos as an iframe

1. If you insert videos as an iframe and it is not displayed then the issue is most probably connencted with the editor.

If you use JCE Editor:

It is a default behavior of the JCE editor to strip the iframes on saving, however this can be configured in the editor settings.

In Joomla backend - Components - JCE Editor go to Editor Profiles - Default (or a different profile that you use).


Click on it and in Features & Layout tab scroll down to Additional Features - Media Support. Enable support for Iframe elements.


Additionally, in Plugin Parameters - find Media Support - Allow IFrames - Yes.


The above should allow you to embed the iframes into any content using JCE.

If you use Tiny MCE

If you are using the Tiny MCE editor in Joomla, please go to Extensions - Plugins - search for Tiny MCE editor plugin.

In the settings find Prohibited Elements and make sure that iframe is not listed there.

2. If the editors are configured correctly and do not restrict iframes, but you still encounter such issue, you might need to check Text Filtering for your user.

To do that go to Joomla backend - Global Configuration - Text filters. Make sure that there is no filtering for your Joomla user group (make sure this is a trusted group, like administrator).

These short steps should allow you to embed videos as an iframe into quiz questions or quiz description.

Embedding videos by means of content plugins

If your video is not uploaded to YouTube or you wish to embed without using iframes, you can use content plugins for that purpose.

Quiz Deluxe processes most content plugins and you can find a plugin that you like.

We have also tested quite a few and would like to recommend

  • HTML5 Media Player
  • AllVideoShare plugin

HTML5 Media Player allows you to embed both audio and video files using tags where you add all the necessary parameters.

AllVideoShare is a component that allows you to set all the parameters of the videos in the backend and then add a simple tag right into the quiz question.

For more information on embedding videos with these plugins, please see the links below:

HTML5 Media Player