This post is a part of the Success Stories Series, featuring tips on how to use JoomPlace products and services. Today we've decided to show you an example of Html5 Flipping Book implementation. Since the day of release, that happened 2 months ago, the component has been successfully installed on more than 100 websites all over the world. And here is an example from Croatia – Marina&Shipyard Punat.


Mediterranean within reach

While developing extensions we are always thinking about types of Joomla! websites where the components can be used and how they can be used.  And it makes us proud when we see great examples of components'  implementations. Marinara & Punat is one of such great illustrations. 
Visiting Marina & Punat website you plunge into Mediterranean life and start dreaming of spending your next vacations not far from the coast of the Mediterranean Sea: numerous beaches, rich history, unique culinary experience and much more.  Even the company’s slogan “Mediterranean within reach. Relax and explore with us!” eggs you on packing your bags!

HTML5 Flipping Book implementation

HTML5 Flipping Book extension is used for presenting Company’s news as digital magazines. Before installing HTML5 Flipping Book component Marinara News publications were presented in the form of PDF files. 

marinara news
With Flipping book extension the publications turned into real magazines with flipping pages, colorful images and informative articles. The publication opens in a new tab (there are 2 more display modes available) against the background of the Mediterranean Sea view (the interface is customizable).

joomla flipping book
A website visitor can easily read Marina news on the go, using any of his mobile devices, and share the magazine with his friends using social media buttons.  

flipping book mobile
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