JoomPlace is working on releasing a new extension - HTML5 Flipping Book Joomla Component! The development process entered its final straightaway and soon you will be able to experience all the components’ advantages.

What is HTML5 Flipping Book?

This Joomla extension is eBook publishing software intended for creating a wide range of digital content such as online magazines, brochures, eBooks and catalogues for HTML5 compatible websites and mobile devices without Flash support. Website content will look like a real book with flipping pages thanks to all the advantages of HTML5.

Why HTML5?

The world of mobile devices without Flash support is growing rapidly. The way it looks today confirms the fact that today’s Internet user is not attached to his personal computer anymore. The world is turning toward mobile devices and HTML5. Below listed facts reaffirm the trend:

What are the advantages of HTML5 Based Flipping Book?

  • Joomla flip book is iOS and Android compatible;
  • Doesn’t make the website heavier;
  • No additional software is needed;
  • The users can flip the pages on their mobile devices like reading a real book or magazine;
  • No need to sacrifice website design to Search Engine ranking anymore;
  • All modern browsers’ support (Safari 5, Chrome 16, Firefox 10, IE 10,9,8).

What features are expected?

We will not put all cards on the table and now mention only that this Flipping Book extension, unlike Flash based components, will allow using all existing HTML5 features, including a wide range of video and audio uploads, and will be SEO optimized. The remaining features will be available from day to day! Follow the updates! HTML5 Flipping Book Joomla Component is coming!