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Author: Dmitry Baraishuk posted in Extensions on 2008-03-11

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Here's the latest news from JoomPlace!


MultiSites Site Manager, Pro, ProFTP 2.0.0 Released!

First of all we want to announce the MultiSites Site Manager and Single Sign on for Joomla 1.0.x and 1.5 Release! These components are also compatible with Community Builder 1.1 and have some new features such as:

For users which bought the component in 3 past months upgrades for 2.0.0 version are free of charge!

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One more release!

We are happy to introduce you our Testimonials component!

It has a flexible interface which allows you not only add testimonials to your site manually but also add testimonials posted by users. All of these features are optional and you can test everything at our demo site here .

This component is being used at our site!

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Affiliates program: you can earn money with us by selling our products!

The affiliate section is up and running! Our affiliate program is really easy to use and free to join so everybody could try Joomla commercial products sales.

We are thrilled about the Affiliate program launch on JoomPlace site. Our affiliate program is a unique one as can bring you really great amount of money because of our WIDE products range: Joomla components(more than 20!), modules, templates, rapid authoring tools. Want to make some money? Don't miss such an opportunity and join !


Another great news a huge FlashMagazine Deluxe update!

This update includes:

And this doesn't mean we suppose our job is done with this component! Please feel free to write your suggestions/reviews and questions to our support!

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New version of Drag&Drop 2

The newest version of our great component Drag&Drop released! The component has become so popular that we decided to release its second version sooner than expected.

In the second version you'll get:

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Here's the list of other components fixes:


On the coding Board:

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