Every 3rd MOST Popular Open Source CMS Website is Built on Joomla!

Author: Elena posted in Joomla! Statistics on 2013-04-16

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Recently we researched over 1,800,000 websites in Alexa Top Sites by Category and learned which of the 9 leading Open Source CMSs are most commonly used in every of the 17 categories of the TOP web sites over the Internet. Our report reveals that Joomla! is the most commonly used CMS in the “World” category in Alexa catalogue and has the HIGH average rate in the rest of the basic categories. Well done, Joomla!

In January 2013 we carried out one more extensive research of 1,800,000 websites in Alexa Top Sites by Category but for 20 TOP open source CMSs on January 2013 (we took the CMS list from OpenSourceCMS.com which is slightly changing every month):

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, TYPO3, DotNetNuke, WebPublisher, SPIP, MODx, Movable Type, Contao, Pligg, Concrete5, Plone, eZ Publish, Liferay, XOOPS, CMS Made Simple, SilverSpripe, Umbraco, Mambo.

Actually it was overwhelming to find out that 15% of the MOST popular sites in the Web use one of the 20 leading open source CMSs. Open source rocks!

Today we are thrilled to share with you even more astounding Joomla! success metrics we discovered!

Joomla! Success Metrics

It’s an absolutely astonishing and inspiring fact that among 20 mentioned Open Source CMSs Joomla! obtained 35,44% share going close by WordPress. Joomla! also succeeds to have 4 times more than Drupal.

Open Source CMSs in the TOP Websites Market

See notes on interpretation of the Diagram above and overall research results here.

Not considering other not widespread Open Source CMSs (which we think won’t be more than 5% of all Open Source CMS Market) we can say that every 3rd most visited Open Source CMS website is based on Joomla!

Our analysis indicates Joomla! is succeeding with popular websites mentioned in Alexa and we hope could eventually become a contender for the first most used open source CMS in the world in near future.

Joomla! rocks!