Not a long time ago JomSocial team announced a stable release of JomSocial 3.1, where particular attention was paid to interface improvements. Changes included enhanced usability, clarity and simplicity of usage, a new dashboard, showing user engagement scale, demographics; location data, improved navigation and added alerts for community management.

JomSocial release, in turn, urged JoomPlace team to update JomSocial plugins and make them compatible with JomSocial 3.x standards. And today long-awaited JomSocial plugins, compatible with JomSocial 3.x, are released!

What is new?

First of all, taking into consideration the latest JomSocial interface changes, all JomSocial plugins acquired improved frond-end layout.

And secondly, additional back-end options were affixed and now you can choose if this is a core application or not and select the position.

Which JomSocial plugins are available for upgrade and download?

      • Profile Designer is designed for enhancing user profile and making it personalized and attractive by changing link, font colors and adding wallpapers.
      • Profile Guests shows profile guests and allows monitoring guest curiosity.
      • Graffiti Wall is created for leaving colorful messages on other users’ profiles, containing text, graffiti, photos and videos.
      • Featured Photos intended for featuring favorite photos and representing them for user profile guests.
      • JomSocial Drag’n’Drop allows users to drag and drop all profile applications added to community and move them to different positions.
      • JomSocial Classifieds* is developed for placing personalized classifieds in profiles and showing them to other members.

*JomSocial Classifieds can work as a separate plugin that functions without JomSocial component, plus it has location and category custom fields.

JoomPlace would like to mention that there is a chance to save your time and money by acquiring JomSocial Plugins Bundle , containing all the mentioned plugins.
71$ instead of 114$!

Moreover, if your JomSocial subscription has expired, there is a chance to renew it with 30-50% off. All details can be found on JomSocial website.

Extend the functionality of your Joomla! Website with JomSocial plugins!

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