We've just released several plugins for JomSocial. Now you can complement your JomSocial copy with the following features:

  • Profile Guests plugin displays a list of users who visited user's profile. The list is displayed a user's profile. In the plugin settings one can select the number of users shown.
  • Featured Photos plugin allows user to place favorite images to JomSocial profile. User can select what images from all photos should be shown on the profile page for visitors.
  • Profile Designer plugin allows user to change the design of his profile: change the color spectrum,add a wallpaper.
  • JomSocial plugin for Joomla Quiz Deluxe which allows to optionally show user's quiz results in his profile.

New version of Drag & Drop (ver. 2.1.1)

  • we've redone the way settings are saved for the authorized users (replaced the cookies concept with saving settings in the database)
  • we've added a new built-in module for a better representation of Latest articles - they will be displayed by sections, and there is an ability to dynamically manage elements by categories
  • we added 1 new template for the component (now there are 2 of them)
  • we improved the area of modules management

Ongoing subscribers may find the new version in the members area. The subscription can be prolonged there as well.