Time flies fast, doesn’t it? 8 years ago, in the distant 2005 Joomla released its first version and in August 2013 Joomla downloads hit 35 million mark. Isn’t it spectacular? Today, it is the second most popular CMS in the world and we hope that the market share will only increase in the near future. Joomla Extension Directory currently counts 7271 extensions, and we sincerely hope that JoomPlace investment to this project is not useless.

Not a long time ago Joomla celebrated its anniversary but instead of drinking champagne and receiving congratulations, the team worked hard on releasing 3.2 Joomla version. November 6th is one more remarkable date in Joomla history.

What new features are now available for customers?

  • Content version. A new feature added to Joomla 3.0 will allow users to keep a copy of Joomla articles every time any changes have been applied. Content not only can be stored as a version but can be checked any time when it is necessary.
  • Improved security. Double authentication feature is now used to log in. After entering Admin Password a user will need to register one more device to receive a unique code that will last for one login only. The feature is not obligatory but is advisable to protect password leak or hacking.
  • Multi-language support. No more need for complex manipulations necessary to set up Joomla as multi-lingual website. The native language can be chosen during installation process.
  • Enhanced User Interface. Joomla team members did everything possible to make User Interface easier, faster and more convenient for usage, especially back-end.
  • Improved template manager. Templates are available for modification right from the administration panel. Updated libraries and added icons.
  • Extensions can be installed right from the User Interface Administration (so called “App store”). A user can easily download any extension directly from JED and install from the back-end of the website. No need to download to a computer. Everything can be done within Joomla.

As we can see, Joomla experience promises to be challenging!

To keep our customers up to date, we will do our best to update JoomPlace components in the nearest future and launch more new and useful products to make your Joomla website more productive and user-friendly.

Check our website constantly, updates are coming!

Sincerely yours,

JoomPlace Team