In the early days of spring JoomPlace is happy to announce a new release of Comparison Chart Component! Meet Joomla! 3.x! compatible new version!

Comparison Chart extension is developed to make shopping experience convenient and clear! The component exempts website users from reading long unstructured descriptions to get an idea about the product, service or pricing plan.

Graphic colorful charts and tables, created with the help of the Comparison Chart, will not only present information visually but save a bunch of your time and efforts!

Where to use Comparison Chart?

There are plenty of ways to implement and use the extension:

E-Commerce website

Enhance users’ shopping experience by integrating  the “add to compare” button to your e-Commerce platform or catalogue. Without special efforts and design skills you will be able to make structured charts to compare multiple products’ features, so-called shopping guides for your potential buyers!

comparison chart features


Thanks to the available content plugin the charts can be easily inserted into your blog articles. You can review and compare software, products, components, companies and anything else your readers are passionate about and share the information with them by embedding the chart into an article.

Business website

Help your users to select an appropriate pricing plan for your products and services.

choose pricing plan

Competitors’ analysis

By means of Comparison Chart you can compare your products with those owned by competitors, mentioning the products’ strengths and weaknesses.

analyze competitors

Affiliate marketing

Create a website with software or product detailed descriptions and partners’ affiliate links.

Choosing Comparison Chart, you will change the idea what an online store looks like: convenient navigation, usability and time saving instead of reading long features descriptions and time-consuming product selections.

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