Since the day of release that happened 2 months ago Joomla! CheckList Extension has been downloaded around 100 times which confirms interest and demand for the component capable of creating and managing checklists and to-do lists. That is why we went further and extended the component’s functionality by offering more opportunities for your Joomla! website visitors! Check it out!

If CheckList Standard version is more for Joomla! website administrators, CheckList PRO is all about users! By that we mean users abilities to create and edit, rate, print, convert their own checklists and make them personalized.

Copy to my CheckList Option

With the administrator’s permission registered users can use available checklists as templates for their own.

checklist joomla options
By clicking “Copy to my CheckList” tab a user enters “My checklists” page where he/she can manage and edit the copied checklists by:

  • checkboxes sorting;
  • checklist blocks and checkboxes moving (Drag & Drop option);
  • checkboxes removing;
  • titles and description rewriting.

edit echeklist

Thus, users can completely change the checklist layout according to personal preferences and, if they like, make the checklist available for other visitors.

Checklist Rating System

For those Joomla! website owners who are looking forward to receiving visitors’ feedback on the checklists there is a Star Rating System added.

checklist rating

Checklists Printing and PDF conversion

Starting 1.1.0 version users get an opportunity to print checklists and convert them into PDF files for offline reference and checking off on paper.

print checklist

Display Options and Sorting

In addition to Tagging system and Extended Search we added “Display as a grid” option and checklists sorting by title, rating and publishing date. Navigation is easy as a pie! 

checklist display
 Feel free to play with DEMO!