It is known that Joomla! is one of the most popular open source CMSs in the world. According to the numerous Open Source CMS Market Share Researches Joomla! firmly holds the second position in the market after WordPress. Meanwhile few researched the position of Joomla! in the certain markets or categories of sites.

We were curious to know which specific markets or business fields Joomla! holds being widely used and having a huge slice of pie in the market. In order to clear up this interesting information we researched Alexa Top Sites By Category and found out which open source Content Management Systems are most commonly used by the top web sites in every category of the list at the end of 2012. Today we are thrilled to share our discoveries with you and tell you where Joomla! did best and worst.

The statistics inspires to claim that Joomla! is a balanced CMS providing sites owners with all set of essential features to reach success on the web whichever market you choose.

Statistics Details

We included only the Alexa Top Sites catalogue in our research in order to make it maximum complete and accurate avoiding undue vastness and complexity of discovering the whole web. Alexa Top Sites catalogue provides a representative sample of established sites having the most combination of daily visitors and page views over the past month in comparison with other sites on the web. Note that listings in Top Sites by category are for specific pages or subdirectories, not for entire sites. So, about 2 million items were analyzed and included into statistics.

Our statistics below covers a specific sample of Alexa Top sites using one of the following well-known open source CMSs: Joomla!, WordPress, Drupal, TYPO3, DotNetNuke, Cantao, M-type, SPIP, Pligg.

Where did Joomla! do best?

Taking an attentive look at the Joomla! market share at every specific category we can say that it did best in the “World” and the “Regional” categories. We tend to interpret it as a signal that Joomla! is widely used and trusted over the world. It’s a prove that this CMS is truly appropriate to cater the business needs of users across the national boundaries of this world.

Categories where Joomla! did best

Where did Joomla! do the worst?

It is not surprising that WordPress is beyond the reach in “Adult”, “News” and “Home” categories as WordPress is a dedicated and widely used flip side to create narrow specialization blogs and publish your thoughts. Joomla! is a much larger and extremely scalable framework vastly demanded for more complex websites.

Categories where Joomla! did worst

  • Joomla! rate in the rest of categories

    It is worth of note that Joomla! has the average 25% rate in the rest of the basic categories showing that it has no specific targeted market and has good prospects for further spreading all over the categories.

Joomla! Leads CMS Specific Category!

How many popular sites mentioned in the Alexa Top Sites are dedicated to Joomla! and its competitors?

In order to learn let’s go deeper into a special Alexa sub-category for Content Management Systems on PHP manually:


Joomla! leads

Joomla! is an evident leader here! Official sites of the Joomla! project are out of reach by popularity in this category! It was surprising that Mambo sites are still in the category as it gave birth to Joomla! in 2005 and announced the end of life in 2008.

While competition is heavy on the Open Source CMS market, Joomla! has carved out a significant niche by delivering extremely accessible and scalable framework and top-of-the-line additional services. We are expecting Joomla! to reach more in 2013!