JoomPlace is glad to announce availability of Joomla Quiz Deluxe 3.4.1 version with added Front End results view, global permissions and question pool settings enhancements. The component is available for upgrade in the member’s area and purchase in JoomPlace store.

Front End Results View

In a newly released Quiz version we added a possibility to view other users’ results in the Front End, with no need to enter the Administration area of Joomla! website. The feature is particularly important if you have users with privileges in the front end but with no access to the back end.  An administrator or a teacher with administrator rights can not only access results (view, save as pdf or send them via email) but to view, download and print certificates of other users.

quiz deluxe front end results view

Question Pool Settings

Question pool is a repository of questions that can be reused in different tests. Previously, in comparison with manual question addition, there was no opportunity to specify the number of questions to be shown on one page. 
Not anymore!
Starting with the new version of Joomla Quiz Deluxe, an administrator can set how many questions from the Global Question Pool need to be located on one page.

 quiz deluxe question pools questions


Global Settings

Joomla! Quiz Deluxe 3.4.1 version acquired global settings section. If previously settings needed to be specified for each quiz individually, now they are stated globally. The quizzes just inherit them. It means there is no need to tune up each quiz separately and waste precious time.

quiz deluxe global settings


Other changes relate to minor bugfixes, including the fix preventing jquery conflicts and Joomla Quiz Deluxe installation with one package (no need to unzip the archive).

A new Quiz version can be tested at JoomlaLMS Demo website.