JoomPlace team is glad to announce a new release of Joomla! Quiz Deluxe component! Based on numerous requests we made Quiz component EasySocial compatible, added Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn integration and several other significant improvements! The package is available for download in your Member’s Area!

Quiz Deluxe + EasySocial

easysocial quizBased on multiple requests we have been receiving since previous Quiz release we added compatibility with one of the most popular social networking extensions available on Joomla! market – EasySocial. Starting 3.3.2 release, Joomla! Quiz Deluxe users will be able to share their eLearning achievements with EasySocial community, commenting and supporting each other! The quiz score, the time spent and a number of attempts will be displayed on community members’ profiles.

Create eLearning communities, encourage collaboration and team working!

Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn integration

Social Media are now firmly integrated in the practices of everyday business and social life that is why we have added Quiz integration with Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn social networks. Now Quiz users can share their quiz results on Facebook & LinkedIn profiles, demonstrating progress and efforts spent.

quiz social integration

Quiz Deluxe Permissions

Another improvement we have added to a new release - an option to set permissions for user groups, thereby enabling or, on the contrary, forbidding access to certain quizzes or its parts. An administrator sets following permissions in Back End: 

  • Overall quiz access
  • Quiz results access
  • Quiz certificate access
  • Quiz review access

Plus, he can add the text that will be displayed for users without access rights.

quiz permissions

Quiz Learning Path Enhancement

Creating learning paths, an administrator now can choose Joomla! articles not only from categories but subcategories as well. The option simplifies articles search & access: you see the articles you need for each particular learning path.

learning path quiz


By the way, JoomlaQ Quiz Deluxe has been downloaded more than 5300 times and is JoomPlace bestseller!

If you are not a Joomla! Quiz Deluxe user and still have doubts about purchasing the component, read one of successful Quiz implementation stories or customers reviews in Joomla! Extensions Directory.
We are always open for any questions!