This post is a part of the Success Stories Series, featuring tips on how to use JoomPlace products and services. Today we decided to demonstrate one more remarkable example of Joomla! Quiz Deluxe usage and publish an interview with the founder of Startende Golfers website - Guido Rietbroek. 


Question: Dear Guido, could you please briefly introduce Starting Golfers project and give us an idea what inspired to launch it?

Answer from Guido: Startende Golfers (Starting Golfers) is a Dutch website focused on new golfers who are looking for information about starting with golf. We give information about which possibilities there are, what kind of equipment they need, where they can find specific golf courses and we offer them free theoretical practice exams.

Before you can enter most golf courses in the Netherlands, you need to pass a theoretical exam. Starting Golfers started in November 2011 as but changed the name in the beginning of 2013 to better fit the activities.

The reason we started this project was because the major parties involved in golfing in the Netherlands failed, in our opinion, to give good, well-arranged information about the possibilities for starting golfers. We provide this information on an independent and non-profit base.  


Question: What were the project requirements for a quiz component when considering the solutions?

Answer from Guido: We needed a solid, easy to use extension for the free theoretical exams. We evaluated multiple extensions, but Joomla! Quiz Deluxe was the overall winner. The use of Ajax to refresh questions is very client minded and improves the usability of the website and is user-friendly. Also the many options you have for the questions is a major benefit.

Question: How is Quiz Deluxe actually being used within the Starting Golfers project?

Answer from Guido: We decided that we had to adapt the Quiz just a little to make things even better for our visitors. Therefor we asked Joomplace to give us some information about how to show feedback on every question in the feedback (now a standard option). They promptly gave us the solution and we were able to code this option into the quiz. We also changed the look of the entire quiz to fit better in the design and to make it more ergonomic.

golf quiz

Question: What are the key advantages of using Quiz Deluxe which make a difference?

Answer from Guido: Since we started with the quiz early 2012, we soon saw a major increase of visitors. Therefor we also introduced the ‘personal results’ so visitors could keep track of their performance with the quizzes. This extra feature gave us new registered users on daily basis and after just over a year we have more than 40.000 completed exams on the website, partly completed exams not taking into account.

Question: Are you willing to go on developing the project? If so, what evolutions are you planning or dreaming about?

Answer from Guido: With the success of the quiz we are already looking at the possibilities to combine the online quiz with a mobile device app with synchronization between both. This way people can practice on the computer or (offline) on their mobile device and always keep track of their performance. 

Question: What is your experience with JoomPlace team? How likely are you to continue collaboration on the current project or a new one? 

Answer from Guido: If we start with this new project, I’ll definitely contact the JoomPlace team to take part in this customization. In the last year they were always ready to answer my questions within a few days, always being polite and providing helpful information. That’s why I decided to become a lifetime member of the Joomla Quiz Deluxe extension which gives me lifetime benefits of their extension and service!

Thank you, Guido, for sparing time and sharing your story with JoomPlace readers!

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