We marked November with two new versions of our major quiz component (2.5.1 and 2.5.2) which is integrated more and more into the Joomla world. One of the new features is integration with AlphaUserPoints components. Here is a new option for promoting your users participate in website activity - an opportunity to create competition and challenge. Users taking quizzes will gain points that they are free to use in your online store, game or else!

We've also complemented REPORTS section with a new custom report that can be dynamically generated. There is a list of filters you can adjust to show just the stats you need and nothing more.

Other new features include:

  • ability to setup 'Fill in the blank', 'Matching Drag&Drop' and 'Matching Drop-Down' types of question for partial score
  • ability to set individual CSS class for each inputbox in 'Fill in the blank' quiestion

French, Russian and Spanish language files have also been included in the newest version. Ongoing subscribers may download it in the Members Area and the rest feel free to play with our online demo to check the newbies.