Sorry there have been no Quiz Deluxe Updates for a while, but we’ve been working on a bunch of new features and fixes to improve Quiz extension. Finally we are ready to tell the world about Joomla! Quiz Deluxe 3.4.0 release.

Please find the details below:

Front End

A new template

A new bootstrap 3 theme (joomlaquiz_t3_bs3) has been added. Joomla! Quiz Deluxe owners whose website is using bootsrap 3 can make quizzes layout similar to the one they have seen on JoomPlace Demo Website.

quiz template bootstrap


Native Joomla! Categories Implementation

Thanks to native Joomla! categories implementation, multiple categories can be listed in a category layout. This solves the issue with locating all the existing quizzes on one page, observed before. An administrator can create nested categories and place them in a tree view.

quiz joomla categories

Additionally, Manual drag-and-drop categories ordering was added.

Questions enhancements

1.Fill in the Blank Question type

In a newly released Quiz it is possible to place 2 questions of “fill-in-the-blank” type on one page (before there was a script conflict).

Also, we improved Quiz results layout:

  • If the right answer is given, it is displayed in green
  • If not – the wrong answer will be crossed out. Next to it the correct answer will be provided in blue.

2. Redirect depending on absolute score

quiz question fill in the blank

In addition to 'Redirect depending on percentage score' option, ‘Redirect depending on absolute score’ was added. It means that an administrator is given more freedom and flexibility while creating quizzes and setting score values.

quiz absolute score

3.Skip function improvement

In previous versions, each skipped question repeated after a following one. Now if a question is skipped, it is added to the end of the quiz; and only after a student provides the answers to the questions he knows, he proceeds to skipped ones.

Fixed article behavior inside Learning Paths

Previously, Joomla! articles, inserted into a learning path didn’t inherit global settings (a publishing date, a creator etc. were displayed independently from global permissions ). Now the settings are inherited and no additional actions are required. Plus, if the article is long, “read more” link can be added.

Anonymous users’ results display in modules

Starting Joomla! Quiz Deluxe 3.4.0 version “Top X User Quiz Results” module displays the highest scores of all users including unregistered. If the best result belongs to a user who is not registered at the website, instead of the username a word “anonymous” will be shown next to the score.

quiz module top results

Feedback Improvements

Now it is possible to display both correct/incorrect answers feedback and feedback for each answer option. In previous versions just one alternative could be chosen.

SEF routing for links in quiz content

All the links inserted inside the quiz description or answers feedback will be routed into SEF URLs if Joomla! SEF plugin is enabled.

Quiz Certificates fixes

  • Font issues solved;
  • Integration with Community Builder fixed;
  • Dates fixed;
  • RTL support (certificates only);
  • Alignment issues fixed;
  • Possibility to insert user points.

Other Joomla! Quiz Front End improvements and fixes include:

  • Results emailing;
  • Dropdown menu;
  • Question chain rare glitches;
  • Multilingual support;
  • “Hotspot” question type;
  • Time zone.

Back End

What concerns Administrator Back End,

  • Quiz question and status filters were improved;
  • “Save as copy” function was fixed;
  • Explanations and notices were added;
  • Quizzes and quiz questions import was fixed and improved;
  • Issue with "quiz results date and time" and "spent time” was fixed;
  • A problem with the latest VirtueMart integration was fixed.

A new Quiz Deluxe version is available for testing at JoomPlace Demo website and purchase in our store.


Kind regards,
JoomPlace Team