JoomPlace team is excited to announce the release of the new version of Joomla Testimonials extension.
Testimonials component v.1.7.6 acquired three new templates, comment system, Joomla! CAPTCHA and updated content and editor’s plugin to insert testimonials into articles.

Sounds promising, right?


New Templates

Starting version 1.7.6 you can make a selection from 5 available templates. Besides existing ones, we added three more: “Black”, “Flipped Corner”, “Bubble”.

testimonials templates
















testimonials templates


testimonials templates


testimonials templates


Comment System

Another new feature that we are proud of is the system of comments.
In the new release we’ve added a tree structure comment system so you and your website visitors can comment testimonials, reply to the comments and other users’ replies, and manage comments and replies.
The comments are manageable through the Permissions system so you shouldn’t be worried about spam.

testimonials templates



Instead of using a built-in CAPTCHA you can enable the inheritance of Joomla! one. When users add testimonials they see the same CAPTCHA that is installed at your Joomla! website.

Updated Content and Editor's Plugin

In Joomla Testimonials Extension 1.7.6 we’ve updated content and editor’s plugins to suit a variety of layouts and selection of options. For example, you can choose the layout type, testimonial’s category or tag and the number of testimonials you want to display in the article.

content plugins


An updated Testimonials component is available for testing at JoomPlace Demo site and for purchase at JoomPlace store.