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JoomlaLMS – Learning Management System
We are so happy about the way that the Joomla community has received this LMS and just want to say thanks very much!
We are working on the Content System for the LMS, so you can have all your files and assets stored in one place including administration features. So when using files in courses you just need to update the source file and all courses will be updated.
Try the JoomlaLMS free 30-days trial at

Multisites Subscriptions Deluxe
We have added a lot of new features:
• Multiple Categories for the sites were added.
• Ability to specify the category to show in the menu item of the component.
• Ability to configure the site’s account info table in the site’s description page.
• Ability to configure the columns of the user’s subscriptions table.
• Ability to show / hide login/registration controls in the site’s tables.
• Login/logout form in the subscription module.
• Invoice payment processor which allows immediate registration but the subscription can be blocked and the Administrator can unblock it manually later. Auto-login user after the subscription is possible.
• Improved copying of Joomla users in the component.
• Improved auto-login after free and trial subscriptions.
• 2checkout, CyberSource and payment processors added

Existing customers can download the new version on our web site.

Multisites Site Manager ProFTP
The famous Site Manager Pro have a limitation: only working on the same server and best for the same domain. So we did ProFTP to let you use all the servers or domains you want – meaning: have a Joomla on a server and do a new site anywhere using FTP.
Bundled with Multisites Control (for copying News, Banners and Content) you will have a very strong concept.

Comparison Chart
Updated for using very long link names

E-portfolio component
We are testing this and it should be ready in a week. Many features have been added and it should be easy to use it for very different purposes. The main idea is: FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS THE WORLD TO KNOW WHO THEY ARE AND WHAT THEY CAN DO AND HAVE DONE!

On the coding board:

  • SurveyForce vers.2
  • JoomlaQuiz Deluxe
  • RoomBooker vers. 2
  • FlashMagazine Deluxe
  • QuizForce for MS Windows
  • PowerPointForce for MS PowerPoint