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Here is the latest news from JoomPlace.

JoomlaLMS – Learning Management System

We are so happy about the way that the Joomla community has received this LMS and just want to say thanks very much!

We are also happy to announce a major upgrade to our Learning Management System JoomlaLMS.

JoomlaLMS version 1.0.3

Some of the new features are:

  • New very powerful web conference tool with the possibility of recording your conference sessions! Ability to setup your own conference template and much more...
  • Improved Subscriptions tool. Ability to edit user payments, renew subscriptions. New powerful and more flexible Front End interface.
  • Improved Documents tool. Ability to upload multimedia files to be played online.
  • Improved quiz tool including question pool option and individual questions feedback.
  • New Tracking tool with a pie/bar charts for a better visual overview.
  • New course export/import function with possibility to select exported/imported course sections.
  • New certificates tool.
  • Auto-enrolment plug-in for CommunityBuilder
  • SurveyForce Deluxe integration
  • and many other adjustments and improvements.

New users/existing customers are able to download a trial version or test JoomlaLMS in our demo section of the site, where the new version is online.

Try the JoomlaLMS free 30-days trial at

SurveyForce Deluxe

We have added a lot of new features:

  • New F.E. user-usability features:
    • Prev/Next question navigation
    • Ability to put some questions on the page
    • BoilerPlate (explanations) question type is added
    • Compulsory/optional questions
    • Returning of the user to the latest not answered question after exiting from survey (or closing a browser)
  • New Survey Engine features:
    • WYSISWYG editor to create your own question text layout
    • Customizable 'Finish page', with ability to show summary user results in graphical view (with pie/bar charts)
    • FIX: Ability to edit survey questions without old problems with losing the users results
    • New tool for sending invitations with pauses between mail sends
    • New survey reports: CrossTab report, new CSV reports. Ability to view overall results for the survey with pie/bar charts
    • New user role: Survey authors. Ability for selected users to create/edit surveys from the Front End. interface
    • JoomlaLMS integration. Ability for JoomlaLMS teacher to create their own surveys
    • Administrator/Author can set default answers for questions
    • Improved rules/branching functions
    • Added Survey expiration date for automation
    • And many other bug fixes & interface improvements.

All the new survey features will only be integrated in the new Deluxe version. The old SurveyForce 1.0X will still be supported, but not improved. All existing customers can upgrade to the new Deluxe version for a small fee.


  • Bug fixes. See more details in update section.

vBulletin bridge

  • Bug fixes will be ready in a week.

Allvideos plugin

  • Bug fixes and new version for JCE editor 1.1.4 stable. See more details in update section.

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On the coding board:

  • JoomlaQuiz Deluxe
  • RoomBooker vers. 2
  • FlashMagazine Deluxe
  • QuizForce for MS Windows
  • PowerPointForce for MS PowerPoint
  • Typo3 killer tree structure content
  • Dynamic flowing content