It is not news anymore that technology and computers have changed the world and people’s attitude toward education. Today’s student grew up in a techno-drenched environment that has changed the way students absorb and handle information. The times when students had to sit long hours in the library looking through dozens of books to find necessary article has gone. 21th century generation of students is more likely to be armed with cell phones, laptops and tablets rather than with an ink pen and notebook. To engage such a student in the process of learning is becoming harder but interactive quizzes and tests can help a teacher in his/her struggle for student’s attention.

Why Joomla Quiz Deluxe?

Quiz Deluxe

Joomla Quiz Deluxe is easy to use and implement component for Joomla websites that allows to generate quizzes, tests, learning paths and pools for educational, work and entertainment purposes. Creating a quiz with Joomla Quiz extension requires just basic point-and-click skills and can be used by any school teacher or college professor without necessity to read manuals or go through special courses. Several easy steps – and you are able to create and manage an interactive quiz and get immediate feedback on student results and knowledge level.

Why Joomla Quiz component is a perfect solution for a teacher?

Anyone who has relatives or acquaintances occupied in the educational sphere knows how much time is necessary to be spend on writing curriculums and lesson plans and how difficult is to find time for interaction with students, accepting feedback from parents and learning more about students overall. Joomla Quiz component allows a teacher not only to create a quiz easily and quickly, but see results, monitor progress and attempt steps for improving student’s performance.

Teachers can generate different types of questions, set default answers, add images and assign background. Random question order relieves a teacher from spending long hours on creating different variants of quizzes in order to be sure that students will not cheat at the exam or copy each other’s works. There is little chance that two students will take the same quiz or a student will take the same quiz twice.

And finally, when a quiz or survey is complete, a few clicks will bring a teacher to a handy report in CVS file with colorful results representation.

Does any Joomla Quiz Extension benefit students?

For students who cannot imagine their lives without computers, Joomla Quiz Deluxe will become ingenious problem solving! Students will enjoy privacy of computer stations and get immediate test result. What is more, there is no time lag between taking a test and receiving grade and a student can analyze mistakes having memory fresh.

Needless to say the fact that Joomla Quiz Deluxe is integrated with JomSocial and allows sharing quiz results on student’s JomSocial profile. From one side, the students are learning, from the other- engage with friends.

And finally, Joomla Quiz Deluxe can be used for fun as well! How?

Use quizzes to teach your students basic knowledge of research, create getting-to-know questioner in the beginning of a course year or end of a year semester feedback. Alternatives are endless! Download Joomla Qiuz Deluxe to make educational process enjoyable!