My name is Alexey Mogilny. I’m a support team leader at JoomPlace. It is not common for me to write posts to our blog, but today there is a good reason for that.

Joomla! Support Service

Customer’s satisfaction is the highest value for our team. Satisfaction leads to positive reviews and feedback which results in additional profit in the long run. That is why we pay so much attention to support issues.

Our customers often ask questions not directly connected to our components, but Joomla as a whole or issues regarding 3rd party components.

So a year ago we have started prepaid support service that appeared a lifesaver for many novices and advanced Joomla! users (some of their reviews you can find on the Joomla! Resource Directory).

During this period we’ve prepared and gave a dry run to unique support process, implemented watchdogs and early alert systems to ensure security of Joomla-based sites. We have learned how to work with both small web-studios and corporate clients.

Now one can say with confidence that support service is functioning.

Another trend we have noticed during our support trials is increasing number of issues regarding Joomla! and 3rd party components updates and also security and performance of the site.

Meet Joomla Maintenance Contracts! Ongoing support service for your web site.

Is Maintenance Contract a Right Choice for You?

After you have launched your Joomla! web site it's critical to keep it operating and up-to-date. Maintenance Contract will save your time spent on routine work like extensions and template updates. You will get possibility to focus on your site content and audience attraction.

Do you hold Web Studio developing Joomla! sites? You might have not enough human resources to monitor availability and security of sites you developed for your clients and keep them up-to-date. You can outsource Joomla! web sites maintenance service to JoomPlace Support team. It will definitely help you to wow your clients with all included high quality Joomla! service and lead over competitors.

Prepaid Support vs Maintenance Contract – What’s the Difference?

Prepaid Support Service

Prepaid Support Service will work for you if Joomla!-related issues rise up from time to time and it turns that you need to customize your Joomla! template, change or optimize settings of components you use or even implement new

Joomla! Maintenance Contract

When you set your hand on a Maintenance Contract you entrust your web site to our support team. We will fix operability and security issues on-the-fly without need to make a request. We will keep an eye on latest updates for your Joomla and components, and make sure that site is running smoothly. You will be billed monthly, but there are no ties written in stone – you are free to stop the contract at any time.

And remember that you can use both support services in order to get the best synergistic effect.

Joy go with you!