JoomPlace team is working on launching a new Joomla! extension called CheckList! There are just a few days before an official release date and soon you will be able to check the component in practice! Another great news is that one of the component's versions will be completely free!

CheckList extension is flexible and easy to use task management software for creating and managing variable checklists and to-do lists.
The idea of developing CheckList app came to us after Successful Joomla! Site Checklist that we had embedded into our JoomPlace website earned rave reviews and a lot of shares & comments.
We got a lot of questions how to build such kind of checklists and were asked to develop a separate extension as a solution for creating checklists in Joomla! 

joomla checklist
Soon you will be able to embed similar checklists into your websites and blogs, sharing ideas and advices with your customers and readers! No technical knowledge is necessary!
CheckList features will be highlighted soon! Follow the updates! 

Sincerely yours,
JoomPlace team