Our new plugin JomSocial Graffiti Wall can become the favorite place for your users to communicate. One can find so many funny and interesting inscriptions there starting with congratulations and ending with wicked jokes. With this special graffiti application a user will be able to select the color, brush size, its opacity, add noise and draw whatever he wants on his, friends' and other users' profile walls.

Besides the graffiti itself, a user will be able to leave simple text messages on the wall, add images,photos, and even video!

The new version of the Testimonialsimproved the following options of the component:

  • now you can set any size for the thumbnail in the back-end both for module and component, and it automatically generates images.
    If the image is be smaller than the settings require it will be shows as is, without modifications (including the one which made images pixelated).
  • removing images: now when the item is deleted the image from the folder is deleted as well, and when the item is modified the old image is deleted and the new one is created.
    In the next version we'll also make possible simply deleting existing image from the item.

Ongoing subscribers can find the latest version in the Members Area. Subscription can be prolonged there as well.