Years ago customers spent their free time at high streets, they also used to exchange opinions and meet friends there. Now the situation changed a lot. More and more avid users spend their time on top Social Media channels and use social channels to share their interests and highlight products or services they like. These self-declared marketplaces went a preferred choice for companies large or small and individuals to promote their products and services by getting users to “Like” their brand pages and share them with their friends.

Why Social Media Attention is Desired by Brands?

It is proven that people are more likely to buy products endorsed by their friend or peers than advertised in traditional form. Word of Mouth is a key for success!

Besides social media influences SEO. The more social sharing a link receives, the better it seems to perform in search results. The more followers you obtain the more visibility your content gains for your active or passive followers, because your content gets a big increase in the ranking in the search results of your followers.

So, sometimes it is much more valuable to get people talking about your product than grab money for it.


We Scratched Our Own Itch

Once upon a time we realized that JoomPlace should jump on social media board to promote our products and services and gain all the benefits mentioned above. It was decided to give away a number of our Joomla! components and templates and request users to like our Facebook fan page before they download the chosen freebie.

Like or share to download


Hence, we developed the special Joomla! component to deploy our promo activity and launched it at our website. Welcome Like or Share to Download - an effective social payment app allowing your site visitors to pay for an access to download any item with back like in social media channels or a social post.

Social Payment components line is coming soon! The new components will allow to:

  • unlock your site content for Likes;
  • provide discount coupons for Likes;
  • and more


Proof This Tool Works

likes LorSHtoD

(Valid October 30, 2012)

The idea is simple and the results are really awesome!

A number of JoomPlace Facebook fans page doubled within a week after the component was launched and now it increases by 20% every week.

People talk about us more every day and mouth of words stream look as follows:

follows LorSHtoD

Weekly total reach of targeted audience is >1,000 views per week. We expect all the mentioned metrics to go even better soon as several splendid releases are coming soon that can’t be ignored by the audience.

Now we are ready to confirm that it works to promote your Facebook page or any page at your website!


Generate Leads and Sales!

“Like or Share to Download” extension is an effective tool to generate awareness about your Facebook fans page or Joomla! site landing pages. The next step is to grow leads and increase you sales. Jeff Molander - a sought-after social sales trainer to businesses of all shapes and sizes – will help you do exactly that!

Jeff is giving away a FREE copy of his book - Off the Hook Marketing - to the first 10 buyers of Like or Share to Download!

The book is full of practical and clear tips and examples for social sales success with platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and blogs. Be sure the likes you obtained using the Joomla! component will not be wasted, but converted into sales.

off the_hook_marketing
{LikeDownload Off-the-Hook-Marketing-Chapter-One-JOOMLA.pdf}

See how Amanda and Marcus made Social Media sell for them and apply the same ideas.



Place the same Download button at your site!

Welcome Like or Share to Download. It is simple to use as 1, 2, 3:

  1. You can easily add special texts your visitors will see at every step, choose
  2.  Off the Hook Marketing

  3. Choose which pages you would like to promote at social channels. You might choose either a specific page or let your website visitors like or share a page which is currently at his/ her browser address bar;
  4. Click “Insert JLike button” under your content editor to launch the content plugin and insert a download button empowered with a request for social action directly into the content articles.

Now the component is compatible with the most popular social network ever – Facebook.

Twitter compatibility is coming within a couple of weeks.

In near future the component is becoming Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn compatible.