On the eve of Saint Valentine’s Day we are glad to introduce a new version of Joomla Testimonials Component with a bunch of new features and improvements. Layout changes, template override possibilities, added categories, code changed, installation package enhancements & much more.  And what is more you can get Joomla Testimonials extension with 25% discount on the occasion of the most romantic day of the year.

First things first!

Layout Changes

Starting a new version of the component it is possible to set a two-column layout for the testimonials and add images and photos inside the reviews. Plus, Testimonials default template is fully responsive now!

Template Override Possibilities

There may be a chance when you would like to change the way testimonials look at the Front End. Instead of modifying CSS you can apply Joomla! Override system and add the code to the necessary Testimonials template.  In this case, no data will be erased when updating the component. You can override both Views and Layouts.
For example, instead of changing files: 


You can copy those files to: 


Applying these small code changes you can match your site design and preserve files from overwriting when upgrading. 
The same approach can be used for the custom fields’ layouts.  
Simply copy


Folder’s content to 




Plus, you can set an additional field layout for each view layout.
To do so, add the field to the layouts subfolder and name it as the view layout. 


Will be overridden as


if the view layout is "black2"

Custom Fields Default Display

If in the previous versions it was necessary to add custom fields to the template each time a new field was created, now the display is enabled by default  and newly created fields are automatically added to the template and displayed at the Front End.  When necessary you can disable the option.

testimonials category

Testimonials Categories

It is now possible to create lower categories and sort the testimonials by certain product or service.  When a new testimonial is created a category is indicated. And if you create a new menu item you can choose the category you want to display.

new testimonials category



Testimonials Module Slider 

We’ve improved Testimonials Module Slider layout by applying a brand new script. Now the testimonials inside the slider can be rotated automatically or by hovering the mouse (by finger touch on a mobile device).

testimonials module slider












Testimonials Display inside the Article

In version 1.7.5, when adding testimonials into Joomla! article, you can indicate the template which is different from the one used at the website. We have also updated the code for Testimonials content plugin.

Other Changes

Other improvements apply to SEO improvements, Administrator UI updates, code enhancements (all templates are moved to the Front End now) and Joomla Testimonials installation with one package (no need to unzip the archive).

Joomla Testimonials extension is available for testing at our Demo website.


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Let your clients express their gratitude by adding Joomla! Testimonials Extension to your Joomla! website!

Sincerely yours,
JoomPlace team