JoomBlog has been enhanced with a number of new features, making the blogging process more efficient and simple. See the difference!

JoomBlog is a fully-featured and easy-to-use blog component for Joomla! Lots of improvements expanding the opportunities of the team blogging have been implemented. They are as follows:

Lovely front-end management dashboard

Front-end Management Dashboard

Thanks to the improved front-end management dashboard you can manage all your blogs easily. You can add post/blog, edit blog settings as well as provide permissions to create own blogs to the users of your Joomla! site. Work on any blog/post right from the front-end!

It has become possible for users to choose which blogs they would like to read. The content of the selected blogs is displayed conveniently in the Personal Reading list on the front-end management dashboard.

Comments moderation – just useful feedback!

Commenting System

  • Threshold to collapse useless comments is applied, which allows moderating the comments left in blog posts quickly. It possible to hide the comments the blog users find useless automatically. To do that, Admin should set up the required condition, which is a specific number of dislike for the comment (e.g. “dislike = -5). All the comments which meet this condition (receive such a number of negative votes by the blog users) will be considered as useless and will be collapsed automatically. To read them, the users will have to unhide them manually.
  • reCaptcha style for comments is improved, suiting the design of most Joomla! sites.
  • New WYSIWYG editor in comments is implemented, enabling users to create nice comments comfortable and pleasant for reading.

More Social sharing

Social Sharing Options

Embed code and Social share for post images are available. Now you can share images and videos easily in your posts via Social Media. Furthermore, they can be embedded on any other sites. The images and video are proven to draw more attention of your Joomla! site visitors. That’s why such content is more likely to be shared, making your blog posts more popular. One more benefit of Social sharing is positive impact for your site SEO – get natural links from loyal users.

More features for effective blogging:

  • New Post status. Now the Joomla! blog component has ‘draft’ besides ‘published’ and ‘unpublished’ blog post statuses. It makes possible to create blog post gradually without filling in the compulsory blog post fields at once. Just save your post with all the available information at the moment as a draft. When the post will be ready to be published, you can simply change the ‘draft’ status of your post for ‘published’.
  • Author panel at the end of post. It’s possible to leave contact information about the author in the bottom of your blog posts. To do that, you need to create the author profile and fill in the required information (photo, description, site URL, social media accounts, etc.).
  • Google+ Authorship. The Google+ link in the Author’s profile helps to drive more traffic and achieve higher Google search position for your blog posts.
  • Default post image is implemented. You can set the eye-catching picture as default. It will be shown on the title page of your blog encouraging your Joomla! site visitors to open the blog post.
  • Delayed posts are possible. You can publish the required blog post automatically at any time you wish.
  • Import/Export posts option. It’s possible to develop your own plugins to import/export posts from the desired extension to the Joomla! site blog.
  • Now every blog has its own RSS feed. There’s RSS feed for every blog and global feed for all blog posts.
  • Latest posts now can be configured more flexibly
  • Admin may configure who should be displayed in Bloggers list (All users/Posters/Blog owners)
  • ‘Who can view this blog’ option has become available for every blogger, making access control more flexible.

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