Joomla! survey componentToday JoomPlace is excited to announce the release of the advanced Joomla! Survey component options added in the early 2013. Survey Force Deluxe extension road map went vast and spurred to action thanks to the valuable feedback of the proactive users. Thank you so much! Check out the most requested features implemented in the survey component below.

Troubleshoot Your Clients’ Problems!

Are you involved in the support service? Want to solve your clients’ problems quickly, saving your time and energy? Now with Survey Force Deluxe you will easily improve your support service quality. Set question rules for every question, so the user would be taken to the particular question or the survey final page depending on the given answer.

Everybody will be happy: customers, who will quickly solve their problems, and you, who will show your high professionalism and will save your time on the support service.

Improve your Survey Final Page!

Undoubtedly, the survey final page is one of the most important parts of the survey. It’s displayed to thank the audience for the participation, to show the survey results or even to redirect them to the survey related hyperlinks when the survey is finished. It’s all up to you.

What task would you like your survey final page to complete?

How would you like it look like?

  • Awesome Joomla! Survey Final PageNow with Survey Force Deluxe you can design it in the following ways:
    • Choose if the final page of your survey will have graphical presentation or come to nothing more than custom message (e.g. “Thank you for answering the survey!”).
    • Show the Survey Results to your users in Colorful Chart, choosing BarChart or PieChart type of graph.
    • Combine graphs with a custom message or hide the results at all using the redirection option.

Basically, the redirection option is the most expectable feature of the Joomla! Survey component by our customers. It allows you quickly to redirect the survey participants from the final page to the needed hyperlink after the survey is completed. In other words, now you can easily provide additional information to your audience after the survey has been finished! Accomplish your survey perfectly!

Mobile Adaptive Template!

Two new modern templates are adapted to mobile phones.

Mobile and smart phones users will see the true value of your Joomla! survey layout optimized for their smaller (mobile devices) sized screens. The usability doesn’t suffer. As a result, mobile devices’ customers are satisfied as well as you, who expand your survey audience. Use this new opportunity!

Besides new groundbreaking options you can also enjoy two little but useful ones:

  • Added auto-upgrade notification.
  • Added the ability to disable the Prev button during a survey.

We hope that all new options of the Survey component described above will make your survey more perfect, luring more your survey participants. Make your and your survey audience’s day! Take the advantages!

If you would like the certain features be added in the new survey component release, please, write about it in the comments below. Be sure, your wishes will be taken into account!

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