JomSocial plugin for JVB. New version 1.1.3.
Now the plugin for JVB is compatible with JomSocial. New option is added for JomSocial. It is developed in order to make our product more user-friendly.
You download “JVB bridge” archive from your “Members Area” and there you’ll find this plugin JVB for JomSocial. So you don’t need to search it anymore, you can simply use it.

New version 2.0.3. of “SMF Bridge” component has come out.

The bug is fixed in the plugin for JomSocial. Before there’s an embedded feature in our component “SMF Bridge”. When the option ‘Facebook authorization’ for JomSocial is supposed to be used, the plugin did not response or did it incorrectly. We’ve fixed this bug. Now this function works properly!

New version 1.0.1. “SMF Latest post” is available.

“SMF Latest post” has new module type ‘Simple’. Imagine, there’s a case, when “Extended mode” doesn’t fit your requirements and you need something common.
Et voilà… “SIMPLE MODE”. This mode allows you to view a list of latest posts without formatting, in usual type. It’s marvelous. NOW you have a choice ‘how to display your latest posts’.

Version 1.3 is new of JomSocial Plugin – “Graffiti Wall”

'Pagination' is updated. Now you can set the number of showing images, or video, or smth else on your profile like you want. The troubles with number of data-selection with ‘Pagination’ have been repaired. The bugs, which occur during SEF using, have been fixed successfully.