Our helpdesk system have served us well for 6 years. It was based on Green Desktiny that we customized and improved much.

We've greatly improved helpdesk performance since we've started to use it, however since that time many other great products appeared on the market that implemented better user experience and allowed to provide better customer support level.

So as JoomPlace always prioritized on customer service we've had to move forward and deploy the system that allows us to:rn

  1. Follow our SLA strictly to make our customers even more happy;

  2. Give customers possibility to rate our support service, so we know what should be improved;

  3. Provide support and bug fixes for our free extensions and templates;

  4. Organize single point of contact for all support issues, where our customers could use community forum, documentation, troubleshooter - all in one place.

Be sure to bookmark our new Helpdesk URL: www.joomplace.com/support/helpdesk/

Data migration and old conversations

If you ask yourself where you can find your old conversations - don't worry. We'll preserve access to old helpdesk for next several months, so you'll be able to export any useful data you may need.

Use the following links to access your old data:

  1. If you remember ticket ID (e.g. ABCD-1234) and email you've used to send ticket, you may access certain ticket by using the following link: http://www.joomplace.com/helpdesk/ticket_detail.php

  2. Access all tickets via old interface: http://www.joomplace.com/helpdesk/ticket_all.php

Moreover, if some information from old tickets will be needed in your future requests, we'll pull by ourselves and insert into conversation on new Helpdesk platform.

Hope moving to new platform will go smooth for you and we all benefit from new support desk.


By the way, if you are interested in investment into development of your own Helpdesk product based on Green Desktiny, be sure to contact us as we already have groundwork to produce product with the best performance!