JoomPlace team is ready to announce availability of Joomla! 3.3.x compatible Online Memorials Directory & JoomPortfolio components. The packages are available for download in your Member’s Area. Plus, starting 2.1.1 release, JoomPortfolio extension is just 29$ instead of 69$!



What is Online Memorials Directory Extension?


Joomla! Memorials extension is developed for creating virtual memorials with rich media content to honor those who passed away. Online memorials component is used to manage obituaries, to express condolences and support relatives.
Virtual memorials and obituaries are now available for churches, funeral homes and cremation websites running Joomla! 3.3.x.

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What is JoomPortfolio Extension?


JoomPortfolio is Joomla! extension for presenting your projects, products and works by means of pretty portfolios and catalogues. Images and description give users an idea how your works look like; categories and sections simplify portfolio navigation; content plugin allows portfolios inserting into articles and blog posts.

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New option - separate temlates for categories

Both for Memorials Directory & JoomPortfolio users we added a possibility to create separate templates for each category. In previous versions just a default template existed and the changes applied to all the categories. Now you can create as many templates as necessary, specifying custom fields that need to be displayed only in a particular category or item description. The option is especially important if categories/items are quite diverse and you need specific parameters to be shown.

 custom fields set up
An administrator creates a new category, new custom fields and then in a category template adds those fields he needs for this particular category or item.
custom fields
Please, have in mind, that  components are highly customizable and available for modification as any other component on JoomPlace website. You can always order Joomla! development and customization by submitting a ticket for JoomPlace development team.