We are glad to announce that Personal Goals Manager component has been chosen as a September 2013 Community Choice Winner at Joomla! Extensions Directory! This extension provides a simple way to keep oneself organized. It allows users to manage their goals, fulfill the plans, get rid of a bad habit or form a good one.

Why use it?


No more need for sticky notes all around the place!

Using 3 intuitive dashboards you will not only write the goals and plans down, but will be able to keep them under control and see achievements. The dashboards are user-friendly and very simple in navigation:

  • “Today” dashboard keeps users on track and informs which goals and habits are due today and which are already overdue,
  • “Goals Manager” allows to create and edit goals and plans, add records and milestones and track achievements,
  • “Habits” dashboard where you can define how many checks are necessary to create a habit.

Instead of remembering what you need to do you can concentrate the efforts on working towards getting results.

Social Sharing

The extension is suitable for Joomla 2.5 and 3.0 sites. The package comes with content plugins that enable inserting goals into an article and also social plugins which allow user to share his/her goals or results with others on a JomSocial Profile page.

Who uses it?

What makes this component so attractive, is that it is very flexible and can be used in various fields: it would be useful for sales managers and those who are trying to keep fit (lose weight, quit smoking, start jogging on a regular basis), it can be used to schedule meetings, trips or prepare for any important events, and many more.

Moreover, the extension functionality is not limited to individual needs, but can be used to set goals for other users. For example, if you are a business owner, Personal Goals Manager component is right for you! With goal setting templates available you need just to create one and the employees will prioritize tasks themselves. No need to control, productivity growth and time management as a result!

Furthermore, wedding and moving to do lists are now simple to create as well. Managing guests, budget and vendors, choosing a moving company, ordering supplies, packing and labeling becomes easy with Personal Goal Manager Extension.

And finally, New Year is around the corner and it means that time for New Year’s resolutions is coming. Start preparing now!

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