JoomPlace is glad to announce the release of a new Personal Goals Manager version with a number of added improvements and fixed issues to help you to manage your goals, habits and plans even more efficiently. Check out the features of improved personal schedule management extension!

JomSocial 3.x compatibility

Personal Goals Manager is now compatible with JomSocial 3.x versions that differ from previous ones in their greater stability, responsive design, improved usability and many other added features. It means that now you can create & share your personal activities with members of enhanced community platform!

jomsocial profile goals manager

Possibility to add images in templates

Templates are intended to save users’ time and engage them into personal schedule management. Now, to simplify profile creation process users can choose templates for their goals, plans and habits with images uploaded by the administrator .

goals templates

Option to add negative & relative values

Unlike previous Personal Goals Manager versions, a new release features the option to add negative and relative values. The options are indispensable for weight losses who track their lost weigh daily or for money savers who keep records of their budget.  Negative values give you a chance to organize the goals differently while relative values simplify the process of  results' tracking. 

relative value

negative value

Opportunity to set up data format

It is widely known that different countries use different data formats: MM/DD/YY is typical for the USA, DD/MM/YY – for European countries, YY/MM/DD for Japan for example. To avoid misunderstandings we added the option to specify data formats for your plans, goals and habits.

data formats

Bootstrap CSS optional display

Bootstrap display is now optional. You are free to decide whether you need bootstrap framework in your templates or not.

Plus, a number of issues were fixed:

  • jQuery и MooTools libraries conflict was removed. 
  • JavaScript bugs were revised;
  • Goals transfer to Achievements and  Milestones sections were repaired;
  • Goals charts were corrected;
  • Improved mobile templates adaptability;
  • Enhanced usability;
  • SEF support improvement;
  • And other minor fixes.
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