This post is a part of the Success Stories Series, featuring tips on how to use JoomPlace products and services. Considering recent Personal Goals Extension update we decided to tell you more about Joomla! scheduling software, illustrating interesting implementation examples and ideas of using.

Personal Goals Manager component is developed for creating plans, habits and goals, managing personal schedule and tracking achievements. The component can be used both independently and integrated with JomSocial community software.

Idea #1 Coaching & Training website

Personal Goals Manager component can be used to help people to succeed in their sporting career, as in example of Sports Ace organization. The website, in addition to fitness and nutrition programs, suggests creating profiles with fitness statistics and the goals the users want to achieve: to lose weight, to  make 300 pushups at a time, etc. Moreover, the profiles of the most successful and persistent sportsmen are displayed on website’s front page giving one more stimulus to work harder.

Sport Ace

Idea #2 Sportsmen squad

There is no doubt that cohesion improves results and sport is a perfect illustration of this! Join training, advice sharing, results comparison and much more! RHPAthletics is athletics squad that helps people to set goals, form habits and manage progress! Each athlete has his own profile with a handy dashboard where he sets the goals and tracks the achievements. 


Idea #3 Social network for social media marketers

To achieve marketing success, careful planning, goals setting and habits establishment is necessary. And Personal Goals Manager extension is more than anything else suits here! A goal of getting 100 new likes on Facebook, a plan of making Facebook business page, a habit of updating status regularly are examples of social media strategy, suggested by Socially Inclined.  Achieve marketing success easily with Personal Goals Manager!

Socially Inclined

Idea #4 Goals Community

Become a part of goals oriented people! Goals Community with the help of Personal Goals Manager Extension encourages hundreds of people around the word to set fitness & wellness goals, career and family goals.

goals community

Idea #5 Healthy living or weight loss community

Personal Goals Manager is a great weight loss tracking tool! With the help of the component people not only track their weight loss progress but get visual representation of their hard work.

weight loss plan

It is time to find your own business idea!


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