JomSocial team sets the tone for innovation in social networking on Joomla. Recently they have released a new version of their mainstream product featuring a number of significant improvements and useful options.

JomSocial 2.6

JomSocial 2.6 welcomes over 370 cumulative enhancements and bug fixes that were made to move JomSocial even higher on the pinnacle of their success. Unbelievable number (about 138) of new features were implemented to bring a breath of fresh spring air into social networking, both trivial and momentous ones. They are just too immense to list here, experience them yourself and get the feeling of this huge release. Check a global overview of JomSocial 2.6 features at JomSocial blog for more details.

Minimizing performance bottleneck and cross-browser compatibility is fundamental to web applications success. We are impressed to note that JomSocial team paid due attention to these issues.

JomSocial 2.6 became popular even before its release for public consumption and enjoyed about 11,000 downloads during its long testing phase.

JomSocial Plugins Updates

Inspired with updated JomSocial and not willing to lag behind we are delighted to announce that now ALL JomSocial plugins by JoomPlace are JomSocial 2.6 compatible and stable. You can peacefully update JomSocial and be sure that JoomPlace add-ons will work with it smoothly.

New JomSocial 2.6 plugins!

Please welcome new JomSocial plugins by JoomPlace in the Downloads section on These plugins display Personal Goals Manager application right at JomSocial profile pages and make it easy to track your goals and habits progress on a daily basis. We are glad to find that the JomSocial plugins went popular quickly and we will appreciate your reviews for these plugins after you try them.

Also if you are looking for some other add-ons for JomSocial, we are always open to your suggestions and you can leave your requests for the new plug-ins in our Wish list.