SEO plus JoomPlace In order to encourage site owners to create high quality sites using JoomPlace extensions we are pleased to announce a campaign:

"Use JoomPlace components, get more traffic on your site!"


Who can participate?

  • Site owners who use JoomPlace components;
  • Developers teams who want to promote themselves or their clients by using our components.

How to join?

  • Submit a helpdesk ticket, leave a comment here or post a message on our facebook page. Message should include the name of the JoomPlace extension you are using on your site and a link to website page, where you are using the extension.
  • Describe concept of your site to drive our JoomPlace Team attention :)

What kind of search optimization will the promotion give to you? is a trusted site and instantly indexed. So we'll give you a boost in SEO-promotion of your Joomla site by placing a link on our site. So, what exactly do you get by participating in our contest:

  • All sites participated will be described in our blog and receive a free indexed link, and increased traffic as a consequence.
  • For each extension 5 best sites will be selected. Links to these sites will be posted on the pages of extensions they represent.


  • The site should function. It's corny, but the first thing we need to see - it is a working site :) Of course, first of all we are interested in using of our components, but the site as a whole should create an impression of the finished work to please user. We love our users!
  • The site must not contain errors or security threats for users. We do not consider sites that are trying to hack into user's computer, steal personal data or cause other damage. We are for a safe Internet!
  • And last but not least: the site must be using one of JoomPlace extensions that are presented on

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