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Textale is a special online >8,000 members community for people who try themselves in writing. The breadth of content that the community creates and shares every day is amazing! It inspires us to share the project success story with you.


Textale Success Overview

The creator, Pablo, an agile man contacted JoomPlace Team with a nice idea to create an online hangout for folks with the same hobby.

Pablo had wide experience in writing area and enough knowledge to guide JoomPace development team helping him to bring the idea into reality, build a community and engage members to create compelling content and interact with other members.

The project is alive for more than 3 years!

50,000 unique writings by community members have been published and shared within Texale community. The project attracts up to 800 unique visits every day.


What is special?

The community is powered by Community Builder customized to provide smooth experience of sharing your writings, surf across the shared writings all over the community and interacting with other community members:

customized Community Builder screenshot

The Textale project flexes its editorial muscles to give members the highest level of freedom. The community highlights the best writings moving them to “Most Read” and “Highest Rated” categories. Judge for yourself -,com_textupload/Itemid,128/

Every Textale user has personal text management module making it easy to publish and manage your writings both drafted and published:


Text Management module - stage 1


Text Management module stage 2


Text Manager screenshot

8,000 community members and 50,000 unique writings is not the ultimate record for Textale community. We wish Textale success metrics to grow exponentially!

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