This post is a part of the Success Stories Series, featuring tips on how to use JoomPlace products and services. Today one of our customers will tell you his success story directly.


What the story is about?

It is about PMP Exam Simulator based on Quiz Deluxe component and delivered by OSP International LLC company – a project management training company. PMP Exam Simulator is an out-of-the-box tool helping project managers worldwide to prepare for professional certification exam effectively.



The most influential and simple success metric was chosen for the tool:



Now OSP International LLC is proud to receive about 80 testimonials from their customers and enjoy the fact that overall feedback is that the system is excellent and helps customers a lot.


Success Story straight from the owner's mouth

We are pleased to welcome Cornelius Fichtner, OSP International LLC President, and give him possibility to share his project success story with you in the interview.

JoomPlace (JP) - First of all, could you please briefly introduce PMP Exam and tell us what inspired you to start PMP Exam Simulator?

Cornelius Fichtner (CF) - The Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam is a worldwide certification for those who lead and direct project teams (i.e. project managers). The PMP Exam is developed and maintained by The Project Management Institute (PMI). The first certification was done in the middle 1980s and today there are over 470,000 project managers around the world who are PMP certified.

When we set out to create this PMP Exam Simulator our intention was to create the best simulator of this kind in the industry today.

JP – PMP Exam Simulator has a number of unique features. Which are its strong assets making difference?

CF - In order to create a PMP Exam Simulator that replicates the "real" exam as closely as possible we needed Joomla Quiz Deluxe to be modified in many ways, so that the on-screen functionality is the same as what the students will see during the actual exam:
  • PMP Exam Simulator - question mark
    Exam questions can be "marked" for review. If you are not certain about the correct answer to a question you click the "Mark" button and can come back to this question later for another review;
  • PMP Exam Simulator - Results Grid View
    All questions can be viewed in a "grid" view. In order for the exam taker to get a quick overview of all questions they can view all questions in a table/grid view. This gives them the ability to quickly see which questions are answered, unanswered or marked;
  • PMP Exam Simulator - Sample Report
    Score report. The score report on the PMP Exam has a specific format. The system was tweaked in order to simulate this report.

JP – What new features of PMP Exam Simulator are you thinking about or plan for future?

CF - The features that we implement on the simulator are driven externally. As soon as PMI introduces a new feature on the real PMP Exam, we need to react and implement these changes. Other than making marginal updates to the content we don't foresee any major changes currently.

JP – What is your experience with JoomPlace Team? How likely are you to continue collaboration on the current project or a new one?

CF - We selected Joomla Quiz Deluxe extension after comparing 10 similar tools. This was a good choice, but then we made a mistake by going with another vendor/ software developer to customize the component for our needs. Unfortunately two vendors failed to deliver and implement the required changes and we came to JoomPlace to get the service directly from the component developer and thought we had gone to heaven.

At first we were a bit hesitant to work with them (after all, we've had two bad experiences with other vendors) but within about 2 weeks of project work we knew that they can deliver quality service and they are reliable partners. The turnaround time for implementing the changes was fabulous. In fact, we used to joke to ourselves that it seems to us that JoomPlace seems to be able to read our minds and deliver features before we had even asked for them. This was especially true during testing and bugfixing, when many bugs got fixed overnight following our input.

Thank you, Cornelius, for sharing your success story and feedback on JoomPlace product and services.


Customer satisfaction is the best award for both OSP International LLC and JoomPlace Team.

Keep on sharing your valuable feedback and Success Stories with us!