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News Joomla! 3.x Compatible Comparison Chart Release

Category: New Releases

In the early days of spring JoomPlace is happy to announce a new release of Comparison Chart Component! Meet Joomla! 3.x! compatible new version!

Comparison Chart extension is developed to make shopping experience convenient and clear! The component exempts website users from reading long unstructured descriptions to get an idea about the product, service or pricing plan.


News Weekly Support Recap – Comparison Chart Extension

Categories: Weekly Support Recap , Services , Extensions

Want to simplify your work with Our Comparison Chart component? Find out the most popular questions the users ask about this extension in the list below. The information can really save your time and point out the options you haven’t used yet. The solutions are kindly provided by Maria Barbarchik, JoomPlace Support Manager.

Top 7 Things You Should Know about the Comparison Chart


News Comparison Chart 2.0.2 released! – Totally NEW

Category: Extensions

We reach holiday season with big releases

The new, major version of Comparison Chart was released today. Welcome Comparison Chart 2.0.2 compatible with both Joomla 1.5 and 1.7! This new version is completely rewritten and gives a long step forward in improving your site visitors browsing experience.


News Comparison Chart: 1.2.1 version released

Categories: Extensions , New Releases

The new version has got the following fixes and options:

  • added the option to set the width of the main column (column with properties description)
  • some changes in the interface to facilitate charts management
  • fixed the plugins

Ongoing subscribers may find the new version in the members area. The subscription can be prolonged there as well.


News New features implemented for the components!

Categories: E-Learning , Extensions

Please take a minute to look at new features we’ve implemented in our Joomla! components and are planning to do in the next couple of months:


  • since version 2.2.1 the component supports content plugins which means that now content which is shown with our survey is handled by all content plugins (and this allows to use all built-in Joomla features)
  • version 2.2.1 also contains a content plugin for the survey component which means that now you can insert surveys right into your content articles (to do that you’ll need to install the plugin and publish it, next go to the article and insert a tag {surveyforce id=1} where 1 is the id of the survey which can be looked up in the survey management section)

For the next release we plan to add ‘assessments’ for surveys which represent the extended rules feature, i.e. these rules will allow to evaluate the answers to a survey right after it’s submitted and display the feedback to respondent based on this evaluation.

Imagine like you ask a set of questions about a user’s skills and interests, and depending on the answers there are 3 variants of the job you’d suggest he’ll be best at, so a survey will show one of 3 variants that suits the user based on what he answered.


News Latest news from our team

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