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News Joomla! 1.6 Releases: Testimonials and Drag&Drop Components

Categories: New Releases , Extensions

JoomPlace is excited to announce the first batch of hot extensions upgraded to Joomla! 1.6. Testimonials and Drag&Drop extensions comprise this release. Thanks for your great feedback! We start upgrading to Joomla! 1.6 from the extensions you requested. Let's see what we have now...


News Testimonials Component 1.1.0. Improvement Release

Categories: Deals and Discounts , Extensions

We've just released a new version of the advanced Testimonial Component, version 1 .1.0. It’s an improvement release. Due to popular demand we added the following features:

  • Templates Manager allowing you to customize your testimonials view settings;
  • Custom Fields Manager enabling you to add as many fields as you want;
  • New customization options.

News New JomSocial plugin & new Testimonials component version (1.0.11)

Categories: JomSocial Apps , New Releases , Extensions

Our new plugin JomSocial Graffiti Wall can become the favorite place for your users to communicate. One can find so many funny and interesting inscriptions there starting with congratulations and ending with wicked jokes. With this special graffiti application a user will be able to select the color, brush size, its opacity, add noise and draw whatever he wants on his, friends' and other users' profile walls.


News Customers Who Bought: 1.0.8 version released

Categories: New Releases , Extensions

Recently we were asked to implement the following enhancement for the component: instead of having the "Customers Who Bought..." on the product details page, put it at the top or the bottom of the cart page when this item is added to the cart. The new option is now called 'Show module in VM cart' and can be found in the component's configuration.
Ongoing subscribers may find the new version in the members area. The subscription can be prolonged there as well.


News Testimonials improvements (ver. 1.0.10)

Category: Extensions

The most recent fixes to the Testimonials component include:

  • the fading effect was improved - for images as well (we added preloading and recording of thumbs in the module)
  • fixed certain issues of linking and styling

Ongoing subscribers may find the new version in the members area. The subscription can be prolonged there as well.


News New features implemented for the components!

Categories: E-Learning , Extensions

Please take a minute to look at new features we’ve implemented in our Joomla! components and are planning to do in the next couple of months:


  • since version 2.2.1 the component supports content plugins which means that now content which is shown with our survey is handled by all content plugins (and this allows to use all built-in Joomla features)
  • version 2.2.1 also contains a content plugin for the survey component which means that now you can insert surveys right into your content articles (to do that you’ll need to install the plugin and publish it, next go to the article and insert a tag {surveyforce id=1} where 1 is the id of the survey which can be looked up in the survey management section)

For the next release we plan to add ‘assessments’ for surveys which represent the extended rules feature, i.e. these rules will allow to evaluate the answers to a survey right after it’s submitted and display the feedback to respondent based on this evaluation.

Imagine like you ask a set of questions about a user’s skills and interests, and depending on the answers there are 3 variants of the job you’d suggest he’ll be best at, so a survey will show one of 3 variants that suits the user based on what he answered.


News Latest news from our team

Category: Extensions

The newsletter highlights:

  • MultiSites Site Manager Pro, ProFTP 2.0.0 Released
  • Testimonials component released
  • Affiliates program: you can earn money with us by selling our products!
  • Huge FlashMagazine Deluxe update
  • New version of Drag&Drop 2
  • List of components fixes
  • On the coding Board

News Latest news from our team

Categories: E-Learning , Extensions

The newsletter highlights:

  • VirtueMart Multisites Search - new component for Joomla
  • JoomlaLMS – Learning Management System

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