We've just released a new version of the advanced Testimonial Component, version 1 .1.0. It’s an improvement release. Due to popular demand we added the following features:

  • Templates Manager allowing you to customize your testimonials view settings;
  • Custom Fields Manager enabling you to add as many fields as you want;
  • New customization options.

Apart from the abovementioned features the SEF extensions compatibility bug (ArtioSEF and SH404SEF) has been fixed. Thanks to our customers who reported the bug and made suggestions.

Some Testimonials Component Tips&Tricks:

  • Define what testimonials should be shown in the module in relation to landing pages (using tags);
  • Use custom additional fields (e.g. the customer’s company field on a high-cost products landing-page and just the name field on a low-cost products landing-page);
  • Insert testimonials into articles and have them displayed either according to selected tags or in a random way once a page is reloaded.

So… what’s next? We’re preparing Testimonials Component update for the newly released Joomla! 1.6.

Hope you enjoy this update! Let us know.

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