We are glad to welcome Thanksgiving Day with a ton of THANKS! Opentranslators is proved to be the most responsive Translators Community we could have ever imagine. Thank you for your awesome voluntary contribution and patience.


Just a couple of weeks ago we published JoomPlace Suit of Projects to be translated by efforts of Opetntranslators Team. Today we release the first translations. Five of JoomPlace components speak European languages now.


The Polyglot Component?

The Comparison Chart is our absolute multi-language champion. We are happy that now much more people can enjoy comparing anything on-line in their native languages.

Comparison Chart



Joel Hansen thank you for being the first one to translate the champion component! Now the Comparison Chart speaks Swedish fluently.


Thanks Christobal Pino Yancovic and wwwRGH for translating the component into Spanish. wwwRGH, we are glad to see that you found the Comparison Chart project to be the best one to start from just after you joined the Opentranslation Team.

Thanks Carlos Ventura for all the hard work you’ve made to translate the Comparison Chart component into Portuguese.

We are really inspired to find an experienced translator paying attention to JoomPlace components. Nobs, thanks for your translation of Comparison Chart into German! We hope you will find time to contribute one more JoomPlace component soon.


More Components in European Languages

Testimonials Component




Thanks Luca for translating the Testimonials Component into Italian. It was more than pleasant to talk to you. Your professionalism and attention to little things that weight is worth of special thanks.





Flash Magazine Deluxe




Thank you Diego Hagopian for translating Flash Magazine Deluxe into Spanish! We will be happy to add your site to the list of sites successfully using the component. Good luck!





Thanks J.Moolenschot for translating Survey Force Deluxe and Drag&Drop components into Dutch! We are glad to award J.Moolenschot with one more THANK YOU for being a surprising quick contributor.

Survey Force Deluxe
Drag&Drop Component


Even ton of thanks is not enough for such meaningful contribution you made! You are fantastic! Feel free to contact us via Transifex. It really makes it easier to collaborate when you contact directly.


Stick with JoomPlace!

More JoomPlace components are coming available for translation. We plan to start from Joomla Portfolio component – a tiny component designed to create your business portfolio or any kind of catalogue quickly.


Thanks everyone reading this message!

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Happy Thanksgiving! Happy weekend! Don’t delay to enjoy the deal :)