kote smalWe all know that having images in your quizzes is often really important and useful. They attract more users and make it fun to do a quiz. They help learners understand questions and express knowledge. It may even result in higher final score. On the other hand quizzes with lots of plain text questions become very tiresome for learners and may give lower final score.

Improve your quizzes created with Quiz Deluxe adding images to questions. Images can be displayed in Joomla quiz description, in the questions and added to answers. Besides images can be shown in emails with quiz results received according to your back-end settings. See End User Guide Quiz Deluxe for instructions.

Quiz Deluxe Tips

We would like to give you some tips, so you could always get the most from our component.

We will make sure that inserting images into the Joomla quizzes will never become tricky for you. So this article can be helpful especially for novice users who just started experiencing Joomla Quiz Deluxe. Here are some tips what to do if the stubborn images are not displayed on the front-end.

With Quiz Deluxe component you can insert the images in several places:

  • Quiz description
  • Question text
  • Answer option of the Multiple Choice and Multiple Response question types.
  • They will be also automatically displayed on the last page with the results and in the email sent after the user completes the quiz.

To have the images working in 100% make sure:

  • The images are uploaded to your Joomla site server

    They should be placed into the 'images' folder of your site data storage area on the same domain where the quiz is created. You cannot use the images that are located on your local machine or on another site.

    Please note
    that if you plan to use the images on several sub-domains, you need to set the relative path to them

  • Depending on how you want to use the images, you can set either relative or absolute path to them. If you switch to HTML mode, you see that URL of the image can be written in 2 ways:
  • relative: "images/image1.jpg"

    The relative path will let you reuse these images on different sub-domains, but they might be not useful with several SEF settings.

    absolute: "yourdomain.com/images/image1.jpg"

    The absolute path will display the images on the domain in any case, and it’s necessary if you want to have the images inserted into the email with your results.

Do you use TinyMCE editor?

You can use the HTML mode of your editor and easily change the path to absolute, but if you use TinyMCE editor, it often cuts off the absolute path. You’ve probably noticed that if you manually set it to absolute, it changes back to relative after saving.

You can disable the editor and manually modify the path, but the easiest way is to just change the default editor settings, so it would always use only the absolute path:

Editor Changing

Find out the unlimited ways how to improve your Quiz Deluxe and share your experience with us. Later on we will be glad to write about your own awesome example how to use the component in Tell the World Series at JoomPlace Blog.