Being a part of Belitsoft company, we not only provide our clients with robust ready to use Joomla solutions, but we also do custom Joomla! development on demand too.

Today we want to share one Joomla! Custom Development Success Story with our subscribers.

Take a look at the noteworthy project that succeeded in the native country and expands across Europe.


TICKEN B.V., The Netherlands

TICKEN B.V. award

TICKEN an online touch-typing course project started in the Netherlands by Martin Beijer. Martin developed his own teaching method making the fountain of knowledge to flow freely. The touch-typing course at affordable price gives both kids and adults a chance to learn tough-typing having fun.

In March, 2010 the project was deeply acknowledged and won the 2010 Netherlands IT Startup Award of the annual Thuiswinkel Awards in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The project got a sponsorship communications package worth €89,634.



Martin was disappointed with the standard touch-typing course his daughter attended. While analyzing the standard solution he got a number of ideas to make learning touch-typing course much more interactive and effective. The challenge was to implement agile teaching methodology being short of budget and time.



The major portal functionality was built using JoomlaLMS PRO as a platform.

Up to 6 Joomla! components were customized or developed specially for TICKEN B.V. by JoomPlace Team. In cooperation with JoomlaLMS Team we integrated the developed components to extend JoomlaLMS core functionality according to the client’s specific needs.


Some Custom Development Details

We created a special plugin counting learners’ mistakes. Then JoomlaLMS reports center was customized to provide special activity reports on every learner. Some lovely games were built-in a learning process to make the course more engaging.

Special online keyboard was developed for the project.

special online keyboard for TICKEN B.V.

Now the project expands all over Europe. We customize the keyboard for every new language and improve it along the way. The online touch-typing course released in Belgium (2010,, France (2011, and UK (2011, German version is on the way (

We are glad that several JoomPlace components, available on our site, are successfully used within TICKEN B.V. project. For example, Joomla Testimonials Component is implemented on every local site we created for the touch-typing course by TICKEN.

The project is expected to flourish! JoomPlace Team is glad to contribute TICKEN B.V. success on long-term basis.


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